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Action Gaminator® X1+ (VGT)

The Action Gaminator® offers a great choice of thrilling NOVOMATIC hit games for
exciting gaming fun and BIG WINS with lots of FEVER GAMES and ACTION GAMES.

Fever Games

In addition to cash-prizes certain scatter symbol combinations (as shown in the games’ pay tables) trigger the FEVER GAMES. FEVER GAMES are played on a different reel strip and offer bigger wins than the base game. Additionally these games introduce bonuses like win multipliers, pick and win features or expanding WILD symbols for multiple prizes and big wins.

Most of the games offer the chance to win even more Fever Games during the FEVER GAMES Feature.

Each Fever Game is just $0.01 so your guest can WIN BIG for just a Penny!


Action Games

The Action Games reward cash prizes of  up to $10 per spin of the Action Games Wheel or up to 60 more Action Stars for additional spins.

Whenever 1 or more Action Stars are collected, paying $0.01 starts a new game that converts up to 10 Action Stars into one spin on the Action Game wheel. So your guest can WIN BIG for just a Penny!

Action Stars are collected through certain symbol combinations (as shown in the game pay table) ($ + *).

(The number of collected Action Stars is shown on the Action Stars meter displayed on the bottom right of the screen.)


Action Gaminator® X1+ (VGT)

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